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Planning for Retirement

As you’re planning for your retirement, you will have the opportunity to focus on the things you’ve always wanted to do, and Best Advice has the resources to help you. We can provide information and advice to help you make important decisions in your life to secure a happy and fulfilling retirement.

We can offer you products and services such as:

  1. Financial Planning to give you personalized tax planning and estate conservation advice, serviced by a Certified Financial Planner free of charge.
  2. Medical coverage options to cover health costs not covered by the government health care.

You may have some questions in your mind that we can help you answer:

  1. How much money will I need when I retire?
  2. Will I be able to maintain my standard of living for my retirement?
  3. When do I have to convert my RRSPs into an income stream that will last me throughout my retirement years?
  4. How do I make sure I can enjoy the same health benefits when I am retired?

Our Best Advice agent can work with you to customize your retirement solution to meet your goals. Contact us for more information.








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